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Hug a Jug Feedback

"When I’m numbed up in a cold wetsuit at 6:30 in the morning, there’s not too many things higher on my wish list than a gallon of hot water. Most of us have an old, plastic jug we fill with scalding hot water, throw in the trunks of our cars or cabs of our trucks before a morning surf, and hope it stays warm until we get back. But it usually never comes out as hot as it was going in. The Hug a Jug, however, is a difference maker in that department. The Jug may seem like a gimmick, dressing up something that any surfer can get for free by rummaging through a recycle bin, but the small twist the Jug puts on that old plastic container you fill every winter morning is a valuable one -- it succeeds where yours fails. The Jug is insulated and keeps the water hot. A good winter purchase for any surfer who needs to be at work early and in the water even earlier." Matt Cummins - Staff Photographer for SurfShot “California’s Digital Surf Magazine”

"I was contacted by the guys at Hug-A-Jug and they wanted to get my read on their product. Hug-a-Jug is 2 gallon insulated water bottle. You have thermal control of the water inside by adding hot or cold water depending on your surf and weather conditions. Any experienced surfer will agree, there is nothing quite like rinsing off with fresh water after a session. It gets the salt off of you and helps rinse away any pollution that you may have collected during your soak.

The day I brought the jug out for testing the air temp was a balmy 40 degrees and the water temp was hovering around 37 degrees…(considered beautiful New England surfing weather!) I filled the jug with HOT water before leaving for my session and tossed it in the back of the car. The two gallons were transported with ease via the shoulder strap and built in handles. Between finishing my coffee, checking out a few spots, and finally getting my session in, about four hours had passed since I had filled the jug.

Tired and cold, I finally got to my car and found the jug that I had almost forgotten about. Skeptical the water inside would still be warm I unscrewed the cap and poured the contents on my head. It was well, “awesome”… Fresh, hot, water to rinse off with and plenty of it!!! I offered the remaining gallon to some fellow surfers and they immediately asked where they could get one. It ended the session on a great note. I assume that this will work just as well when filled up with cold water for hot summer sessions and am eager to try." Collin "Garage Shaper" of the DailyStock “A Daily Compendium of Surfing-related Posts”

"Saw it in a surf magazine and went for it. A little costly for the shipping but it was FedEx with no option. I like the construction. A lot of thought went into making it. You can see that these people must surf. I owned another water/shower type bottle that I bought a couple years ago from another sucked compared to this one. Simple design that works and I really like the lanyard attached to the cap.....some of us loose things easily. All and all, I am very happy with my purchase just wish the shipping and handling was a little less." Ken W.