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Insulated Water Jug Carrier & Reusable Water Bottle Combo

Insulated 2 gal Water Jug & 1 ltr H2O! Water Bottle Combo

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Hug a Jug Color
Lexan H2O Bottle

Convenient access to safe great tasting drinking water is not always available - for this reason many people take a bottle of water with them every time they leave the house.

For anyone who transports children, it's convenient (and safe) to have quality drinking water with you while at the park, the beach, mall, grocery store, etc.

Using the portable Hug a Jug filled with clean drinking water will give you control over your fresh water needs while keeping yourself and the kids adequately hydrated.

The Hug a Jug can hold up to 2 gallons of clean water in reserve while the rugged and reusable H2O! Bottle holds 1 liter of water. You'll have plenty of capacity for a few days on the go or when you need extra water to fill multiple reusable water bottles.

The Hug a Jug will store your clean and refreshing drinking water at the perfect temperature for hours. You have total control with the reusable insulated Hug a Jug.

Next to air, water is the element most necessary for survival and the portable Hug a Jug gives you H2O control where and when you want it.

• Use the temperature control Hug a Jug to store your water in your vehicle or base camp while the H2O! Water Bottle provides leak proof hydration on the trail, in the gym and for every day use.
• H2O bottle handles Hot or Cold water. (Great for Water, coffee / tea, energy powders, instant soups and won't absorb tastes or odors).
• The H2O! Bottle has a tethered Wide-mouth Cap fitted with a sipper insert to control water flow as you drink. Easily add ice cubes with the wide-mouth opening.
• You're in control with your Hug a Jug & H2O! Bottle Combo.

You have control with your convenient and durable portable hydration system. The Hug a Jug & H2O! Bottle combo... no plastic taste, just pure refreshing drinking water.

Insulated Refreshment... Guaranteed!

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Keeping hydrated has never been easier. The 32 oz combo pack insulated water bottle has it all. Insulated, Reusable, and Protects.
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This water bottle combo pack has it all. High Quality, Reusable "Everyday" Nalgene Water Bottle and durable Insulating Neoprene Sleeve. Reusable, insulated and protects. Bottles available in multiple colors...
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Excellent size for the Kids! Completely Safe "Everyday" bottle. Keeping hydrated while maintaining an optimum water temperature has never been easier.
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Insulated Water Jug Carrier & Reusable Water Bottle Combo