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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much water is needed to rinse off?

Post Surf Rinse:

A gallon of warm water will typically provide a thorough rinse; on cold days a gallon poured down your wet suit will be a welcome relief from the cold. The 2 gallon Hug a Jug is designed to provide a thorough rinse and have extra water to rinse your board and gear. If the 2 gallon Jug weight is an issue, many surfers opt to use two 1 gallon Hug a Jug Mini's; one Jug for body rinse and the other Jug to rinse their gear or share with a friend.

Q. How much do the jugs weigh filled with water?

Jug Weight w/ water:

A filled 2 gallon Hug a Jug weighs ~18 lbs. and 1 gallon Mini weighs 9 lbs. If lifting the 18 lbs. 2 gallon Hug a Jug is cumbersome, the 1 gallon Hug a Jug mini will a better fit.

Q. How do I clean my bottle?

Water Bottle / Jug

A pinch of baking soda and warm water. Replace the lid, shake and rinse.

Q. How do I clean my Insulated Jacket?

Insulated jacket:

The durable jacket can be washed by hand in mild soap and water. Soak, brush, rinse and air dry.

Q. Do I need to remove the Jug from the insulated jacket every time I fill it up?

Daily use:

Unless you’re using the insulating jacket as a cooler, leaving the Jug in the jacket while filling it with water is standard practice. The jacket is designed for wet marine conditions.